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The ability to mix yeast, water and flour to make the perfect dough for that melt in your mouth experience in a pizza, is really a connoisseur’s art!

Our Master Chefs are more obsessed with making pizza than in their better halves! Our chefs lovingly knead the soft chewy dough in, so that you can experience magic with every bite. The savory tomato sauce (an absolute delight on your palette), combined with our eclectic toppings creates the perfect marriage.

That’s how much dedication and love we put into that wonderful slice you will experience and sing songs and sonnets about!

All it takes is just one bite into our cheesy soft crunchy tasty wood fire pizza and you will enter the pizza lover’s happy place. Experience a burst of flavors as they hit every taste bud, literally activating the “Mamma Mia…” in your brain.

From the classic margherita to pizzas with an Indian twist, we’ve geared up to take care of your hunger pangs!

Whatever the kind of pizza you decide to relish, our bar is stocked with the perfect alcohol menu to accompany your lonely slice. Fine wines, tasty beer, the best of scotch and the whiskeys to funky cocktails and nitro beer, we’ve got it all, all under one roof at jaw dropping prices!

And then you can eat some more! Our kitchen never runs out of good food and the wood fire ovens are all flamed up for you!

Hungry yet?

By Chance Trading Bar and pizzeria awaits your dramatic entrance!

You can thank us later.

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