Nitro Coffee

Cold Brew From The Heavens Tap!

Attention! Caffeine and Beer lovers unite!
Coffee that is served from the tap and tastes just like Beer.
The only place serving this beauty right here on Brigade Road!
Your favorite trading bar and pizzeria – By Chance.

So! What is Nitro Coffee, you ask?

A delicious rich bodied cold brew coffee, infused with nitrogen bubbles that gives this Nitro Coffee a velvety, foamy and a nice creamy texture. This cold brew is a smooth criminal that is out to make way into your hearts! (and never leave!)

Fun Fact:

Nitro Coffee higher caffeine content and tastes just like a Guinness minus the alcohol. It has the same antioxidant anti cancerous properties as that of coffee and its less acidic too! Its sweet creamy flavor ensures you don’t need any cream or sugar added!
Bottom line – this shizzz be good for you!

As mesmerizing as this may sound, watching the micro bubbles cascade to the bottom of the glass and create this effervescent bubbly creamy beautiful drink is a sight so visually satisfying, you’ll hear sweet symphonies playing at the back of your head!

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