You don’t want to look back and think, I could have eaten that!

Count the memories not the calories, because have some of the most exquisite dishes on our specially curated menu!

One look at our menu and you’ll see passion that our Chefs have so lovingly crafted out to satiate your appetite!

Starting you off with some heart-warming soups and salads to get your appetite all worked up. And as you slowly move on to some tantalizing starters you’ll find our kitchen brimming with finger food that will stand by you like your best friends do, while you sample some of our best liquor to your hearts (bellies...more like it!) content!

And because our Kitchens run on full swag mode, we’ve got some fiery tandoor kebabs and tikkas as well as some sober continental delicacies like crunchy nuggets and those fried that you cannot resist, all to suit your food cravings.

We’ve got a flaming hot Pizzeria and some comforting pastas with your choice of sauces, that will make any Italian go Bellissimo….!!!! Come back for seconds and thirds even!

Yes, we didn’t forget your favorite street food, the ever so epic Manchurians and honey garlic fried stuff that might……. make the Chinese feel like the Indian version of their food actually tastes wayyyyy better!

Want more? Down that slice with some of our best drinks at prices you’ve never heard of before. Happy hours that last all night long at our Trading Bar and Pizzeria By Chance

To send you home on a sweet note, we’ve got the lip-smacking-show-stealing Gajar ka Halwa to steal your hearts away!

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