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Mahatma Gandhi Road is the hub of recreational activities and is also one of the busiest roads in Bengaluru. It was known as the South Parade Road during the pre independence era and then named as MG –Mahatma Gandhi Road. MG Road runs from Trinity Circle at one end to Anil Kumble Circle at the other end.

By Chance best Place to enjoy nightlife in Bangalore and your one stop destination for everything fantastic, on Brigade road, smack in the middle of Bengaluru City. Located on one of the busiest streets, not to mention vibrant and energetic in its own way, By Chance just adds to the charm of Brigade road.We are a bar bazaar and pizzeria offering you the best of both worlds at prices that will keep you coming back for more! MG road has always been home to some of the coolest pubs in town, and we’ve most definitely joined the bandwagon. If you are looking for Pubs in Bangalore this New kid on the block, must be given a try!

With great food and alcohol comes great responsibility they say! And we pride ourselves in the services we provide and we are among the best restaurants in Brigade Road. Our chefs absolutely love curating new recipes just to keep your tummies humming happy tunes! We have a wood fire pizza oven that runs on full steam bringing you rich Italian goodness. Not to brag, but our pizzas have been known to bring unimaginable joy (tears included) on every pizza lovers face! Cheesy, crunchy and gooey Italian goodness with a twist of barbeque flavor, we’re hoping to hit your sweet spots! Speaking of which, our barbeques are devour worthy to say the least with ample options for vegetarians and the non-veg lovers too!Taking that up a zillion notches, we’ve got a wide range of starter platters and exquisite main course dishes with a wide variety of options to soothe any kind of craving you have.

You’re going to need a lot of alcohol to down all the food coming out of our kitchens! And don’t you worry; your wallets are going to love us too! A trading bar with jaw dropping prices is all you need for a good night! We’ve got the chic cocktails that our mixologists have so lovingly crafted for all the nights you feel fancy. We’ve got the mature single malts and the whiskeys to nurse your philosophical thoughts. We’ve got the best of Geist brews for all the fun beer chugging competitions you’ll definitely loose with your friends. We’ve got the chic wines for your fine dining mood swings. Basically, we’ve got your back, all you gotta do is come on over and pick your sip!

And if alcohol is not your thing, no sweat! You know what else Bangalore is famous for? Its coffee! And we’ve invested in the best – Nitrogen Coffee. Creamy Rich Dark Velvety concoction to absolutely stun your taste buds. As tasty as it is to sip on to, this beauty iseven more mesmerizing to watch, as the effervescent bubbles cascade to the top to build the rich creamy layer as the coffee gets poured form the tap. Everyone’s a fan once they sip into our Nitro Coffee, made from the finest beans of course!

We have a diverse team of front and back end staff whose main mission is to provide excellent hospitality to all our guests. We offer excellent options for private parties, office events, wedding parties and birthday celebrations, amongst many other occasions. We are one of the most unique pub venues for hire in one of the best locations in the heart of Bengaluru.

So give us a call to book your space or just come pay us a visit. Good times guaranteed!

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